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Posted by :: Kay :: 14th August 2014

Hey everyone!

You know that super amazing background that I talked about back in May 2012?

You know how I didn't want to spoil its amazingness?!


          The Worship Room
                                  Click to see it in all its high-res glory!

Cool, eh? What do you think?

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Posted by :: Jay & Kay :: 11th August 2014

Wow, two years ago today since the last update. What the fuck?

We are so ashamed and so very, very sorry. We have failed everyone who has visited our site in the past two years of inactivity.

When we initially came up with the idea for the "Ultimate AGI Fan Game" we worked at an accelerated pace getting a nice amount done. We have both worked on various other projects and have done a lot of jerking off during our hiatus.

That stops now.

Not completely but enough that we'll be able to commit time to the game (which has been going on for the past month). We are also now using cocaine so our day jobs won't be able to sap our energy like they used to.

We have new art to show and it will be shown within the next 35 hours and 11 minutes 71 hours and 43 minutes. Please if you have any interest at all in a great new AGI game let us know in the comments, join the forum or send us an email.

We are not going to stop working on this game, Scout's Honour.


Posted by :: Kay :: 11th August 2012

Hello again everyone!

I just wanted to post this update to (once again) let it be known that this project is still alive and moving foward. I don't have any breaking new info to share other than the fact that we are still working hard on this and it's coming along great.

That subway background that was being drawn a couple of months ago has been done for some time now and it looks really cool so I'd like to show it to you.

                    Subway Background 1

This is only one of the subway backgrounds (there are two others which connect to this one) but I'll hold off on showing those, at least for now.

Seeya next update d00ds!


Posted by :: Kay :: 20th May 2012

Hello everyone! It's been a month now since the last update so I'd like to give you some news.

At the moment Jay's in the middle of drawing a cool looking subway background and I'm busy incorporating a bunch of look descriptions, characters, objects, scripted events, etc., into multiple rooms.

As for our work over the past month or so...

The game is coming along great and we're making good progress. I've done a lot of programming while Jay wrote tons of funny look descriptions and finished drawing an amazing background which I sadly can't share with you since I don't want to spoil its amazingness! There is something I can show you though!

        Beetlejuice Room Complete

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking, "That's the same picture you showed us last month!", well you're wrong! It may be the same room but it's now filled with life! You can't tell from the photo, but all of those added characters actually animate!

The hangman wiggles around funnily every now and then, the guy near the wall is drawing an infinite number of tally marks and the split woman sitting on the chairs kicks her feet every 20 seconds or so! On top of that I made it so the reception window opens and closes depending on your proximity to it and there's an awesome warp animation when you enter and leave the room.

If at least a couple of you are interested, I'll take the time to make a quick video of the room so you can see what it looks like in motion. Just send me an email or leave a comment in the comments section!

There's so much more that I'd like to share with you but it's best if most things are left for when the game is complete so you can experience them properly. Just know that we're working very hard on it and I'll try to update frequently with new information.

Until next time...


Posted by :: Jay & Kay :: 18th April 2012

Quick update. We have now launched a forum for our website!

Hopefully some of you mooks will join and engage us in some epic discussion. We're talking direct contact with the creators of the game on this site! Yeah, the site with over a million hits!

We're still waiting for that die-hard fanatical fan who will carve a likeness of Val into his chest and send us a picture. Get in touch with us man!

So that's it. Join the forum, ask questions, get answers. We've got lotsa stuff brewin' and if you draw any blanks we'll fill 'em in!

Kay created the forum by the way so all credit goes to him. I'm the designer and artist(haha!), he's the programmer and sitemaintainerforumcreator.


Posted by :: Jay & Kay :: 17th April 2012

Hello all you wonderful people!

Who are we kidding. Almost nobody has come to visit our site. We can't get any of the gaming news sites to cover it, we're depressed and AGI is dead!

We're making good progress on our game though. There is a screenshot added of the waiting room from Beetlejuice, our take on it anyway. A completed version will be shown soon enough and we'll upload pictures of Beetlejuice and friends for you to see shortly. I guess I should mention that the design is coming along very well, good solid puzzles and hilarious text. Once we get a sizeable group of fans(5 or 6)we'll get a forum set so we can talk directly about what is going on. Cool eh?

One more thing. This is for that Mr.Anonymous character down there that gave us much deserved praise.(It's not us we swear,it's a real person!) Thank you Mr.Anonymous! Thank you and please get in touch with us! We would like to have a dialogue with one of the few people who read through our site! Maybe some of you can be beta testers! Who knows! The sky is the limit! ARRRGGHH!!!!

Here's a link directly to the picture for all of you lazies out there!

Beetlejuice Room Pic

Posted by :: Jay & Kay :: 5th April 2012
Ahhhh April 5th, 2012, The day the site is launched! If you can't tell we are using a free hosting service called "Zymic". Thank you Zymic! Any questions about who we are and what this project is about are answered on this site! Look to the left and there is a navigation bar. Use it to jump all around our humble domain. We've got pictures, a FAQ, a video, a demo, a poll and even a random page! Check it all out you mother-%&@#er!

There are two reasons why this site exists. One is to let everyone know about the project and the other is for project funding. We were thinking about using Indiegogo but we realized that we were TOO indie to use it! A free website is all we need. In the spirit of the great independant film studio Troma we're trying to keep everything in-house and as cheap as possible(cause we're broke). Even if no one gets to this site and we gain not a nickel, this game will be completed no matter what. Well unless one of us dies, and if so then we are truly sorry. If we live though, what fun you will have HAHAHA!

Don't forget to tell everyone you know about our kickass game!

We'll try to update at least every two weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less.

You know how things are, right? Of course you do.

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